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This wall mounted, stainless steel pass through window is ideal for the transfer of parts or equipment in and out of a cleanroom with an elimination of contamination and a reduction of "traffic."

*** Fully welded pass throughs for pharmaceutical and aseptic manufacturing applications are available here.


This pass through window is constructed with a formed and stitch-welded type 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish, making it strong, sturdy, and easily cleaned while providing a superior look to your cleanroom. The all metal construction free of particle board also provides the durability to resist the warping, cracking, or chipping characteristics of formica which could then lead to the growth of biological contamination.

The doors are made with a heavy duty stainless steel frame, stainless steel continuous flush-mount hinges, clear tempered safety glass viewing window, silicon bulb gasket, and Type 316 stainless steel lever compression door latches. The stainless steel frame adds strength and prevents cracking of the safety glass, a common problem with frameless doors.


Although this stainless steel version is our most common model, it is also offered with a built-in HEPA filter or with a light weight polypropylene construction. The poly version is only recommended when dealing with certain chemicals that are corrosive with stainless steel.

Also available in custom sizes and configurations.


Mechanical Interlocks and Trim Kits now come standard with the below pass throughs. Other common accessories include:

  • Door Options
  • Sliding Doors
  • Shelves

*** The below pass thrus now come standard WITH mechanical interlocks and trim kits.


 *Please select the quantity for each item you wish to order and click the 'Add To Cart' button below.

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